Asset Management   -

  1. David J. Erb & Company has managed every type of commercial facility including office buildings (suburban and CBD), shopping centers, industrial buildings (multi-tenant and single tenant), and mini-storage.

  2. We have also handled the full range of entitlement activities for land including annexations, zoning, platting, and construction documents. Our entitlement activities have included some of the larger residential subdivisions in the State.

  3. And we have visualized and brought many successful projects to market. Fees can be arranged to include participations and thereby reduce cash requirements at the client’s option.

  Brokerage  -

  1. David J. Erb & Company holds the Broker’s Real Estate License of David J. Erb.

  2. We have brokered hundreds of leasing and sales transactions involving office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and land since 1981.

  3. We operate both as Buyer’s (Landlord’s) agent and as Seller’s (Tenant’s) agent.

  Receiverships  -

  1. David J. Erb & Company also operates as a court-appointed receiver for all types of commercial properties.

  2. We offer consulting services to lending institutions in this regard to maximize the client’s requirements, be that quick liquidation or maximum sale price – and usually finding that balance point in between.

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Today’s real estate market realities have created the need for experienced and trustworthy managers to

step into the neutral position of a court-appointed receiver, providing both borrower and lender with the comfort

that the asset is temporarily in very capable hands...

David J. Erb & Company has over a twenty year track record of proven real estate asset management, brokerage and receivership work.

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